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Seeking for a new job isn’t easy and sometimes it can take a lot of time. The stressful moments before being called on an actual interview can make you nervous and restless. But if you are among those few people who got that call and if you get your invitation for your first interview, don’t panic. Yes, there are some set rules on what you should speak in order to introduce yourself and give the company a better picture about yourself, but also, some body language and phrases are welcome. These Tips to Act on a Job Interview might help you become that one candidate that the company is looking for.

#1. Don’t be late

Give yourself enough time to reach your destination, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. Seriously, instead to go there relaxed, you’d be even more stressed out because you won’t be able to get on time. If you can, go and look for the location a few days before, just in case. Don’t get there too early, either. It can make you look as tifyou have no other job, and they may get the wrong picture (that you panic or that you are impatient). The best time to arrive is between 10 to 20 minutes before your time.

Don’t be late
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#2. Research the company

Don’t worry if people call you a creeper or a stalker because you’re researching the company, in fact everybody does this. Take time to find out about challenges and problems that company is facing. The simplest method is simply to do a Google search. Actually, most companies would even ask you certain questions like “what do you know about our company/stuff we sell/produce” etc. in order to see if you were interested enough to do a research on them. If you stand there without any info about the company you applied your CV for, they would think that you are not well informed and that you were just sending your resumes to random job seeking ads.

Research the company
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#3. Dress code

Nobody says that you should dress in a suit, but even if you do it won’t be a mistake. After all it is an official interview and with your dress code you are showing respect towards the company, towards the whole process and towards yourself. If you aren’t fan of formal clothing, at least try to wear calm colors and decent clothing. Some people say that jeans aren’t good for interviews, but if you combine them with a shirt and a coat, it would be a simple causal yet formal combination.

Dress code
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#4. Don’t speak badly about ex bosses or places you worked for

Speaking poorly of a former employer, no matter how bad your relationship, could come back terrible to you. If you get the job they would know that you will trash them, if you don’t get the job maybe it is because of this mistake you did on the interview. Even if the interviewer asks you what you disliked about your former boss, refuse to take the bait. You can speak about things you learned, even if the context is different from what the interviewer might be thinking. The best answer is that you and your former boss were not on the same wave length or that you simply don’t wish to speak about it.

Don’t speak badly about ex bosses or places you worked for
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#5. Don’t over or underestimate yourself

This is not time to play modest. You are selling your knowledge and work experience. Don’t say that you don’t know how much money you wish to earn. Some employers would ask you directly about the salary part – You can say a sum “from-to” and that is okay. Some of them would ask you what you expect from the job – among the rest of the things (like personal growth, promotions and good correlations with your co-workers) you can mention that you of course expect suitable salary.

Don’t over or underestimate yourself
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#6. Your education is important

Yes, companies would value your education, but they would value more your experience. If you are on your first job hunt, don’t hesitate to mention your college internships, activities that you took after classes or hobbies that you do. You’d be surprised that those things matter too. So if you happened to help your mother organize and plan a weekend trip for your extended family, mention that. If you help your father in his business, mention that too. Also, show that your education turned you into a reliable person with lots of knowledge in the area you prefer to work.

Your education is important
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