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If you happen to love accessories in the shape of scarves or stoles, this is going to be a great read for you. Long, super long o medium length scarves that can be easily wrapped around your neck and shoulders would give you an elegant and sophisticated look. If you either decide to wear it in a casual combination of jeans with a shirt or simple blouse and wrap the stole around your neck or if you wear it with a dress, you know you can never make a mistake. The sizes of the stoles are usually slightly different from the scarves because stoles are not square shaped and most of them are visually slender and therefore more elegant. That means that you can wear the stole in a single wrap around your neck and you know that it would be enough accessorizing for your outfit. But if you are a girl who simply loves pieces of jewelry or you cannot give up on your favorite broche, then you can always add it on your stole. You can pin it on your stole and have a brand new, more glamorous look. Also you can always go and be more edgy and wrap the stole around your head, whether like turban or like a simple head band, you know that it would complement your look. When comes to edgy ways of wearing a stole, you can also use it like a belt for a dress, jeans or pants, wear it on your hips when you go to the beach as well. The following fashion tips will help you tie your favorite scarf Top 10 Ways to Wear a Scarf

#1. Classic drape

For this you would need to have a bit longer scarf. Simply put it over your neck and let the ends fall over your chest. This is a very popular look for men and women of all ages. You can never make a mistake by wearing your scarf (no matter what color, size or model it is) like this.

Classic drape
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#2. The Bunny Ear

Wrap your scarf twice around your neck. Then put one end under neat the loop of the wrapped scarf. This way you will have both ends on the same level. Simply tie a knot with the ends and you are ready to go.

The Bunny Ear
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#3. Double Rainbow

Take two scarves for instance one pink and the other in blue color Put them together by their length and wrap them over your neck. Adjust the ends of the scarf that is below so they can be visible. This way you will get a nice mix of colors.

Double Rainbow
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#4. The Turtleneck

Wrap your scarf around your neck until there is nothing to be wrapped. Hide the ends of the scarf behind the fabric. You will look as if you are wearing a turtleneck.

The Turtleneck
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#5. Infinity

Place your scarf on your neck and then tie the ends in a small knot so you will get a full circle. Simply wrap that scarf circle around your neck, letting the scarf fall down your chest in a cascade.

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#6. The Toss

Take a long scarf and simply toss one end over your shoulder. This is a very sophisticated look.

The Toss
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#7. The European Knot

Take your scarf for the middle, creating a loop in which you will put the ends of it. This is a popular way of wearing a scarf for both men and women around the world.

The European Knot
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#8. Classic Wrap

Just cover your back and shoulder with your scarf, basically as if you wear a poncho. It is elegant and classy way to wear a scarf, yet a practical way to keep your back and shoulders warm.

Classic Wrap
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#9. Twist

Put your scarf over your neck and start twisting one end. Then, once the scarf is completely twist, simply wrap it around your neck. Tie the ends aside.

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#10. Decorate it

Put the scarf over your neck. Tie a loose knot on one of the ends and then insert the other end in it. Decorate the knot with your favorite brooch or badge. Also, if you feel like creating a special look, you can add a bracelet or simply a statement necklace, wrapped around the knot. It would make the scarf unique and noticeable.

Decorate it
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