37 Insanely Smart DIY Storage Ideas You Need To Know



Almost at every place in your home you need to have storage. Looking for a good storage solution is a challenge for those who live in a small house or apartments. Luckily, we have some game-changing DIY solutions for extra storage in every home. Have a look. You’ll see some truly genius storage ideas you’ve never seen before. Enjoy!

1.Place magazines and books on the headboard ribba picture ledge.

AD-DIY-Betten-aus-Holzpaletten-kopfteil-weißSource: hitta-hem.blogspot.de

2.Clutch organizer using kitchen lid rack.

smart-storage-solutions-2Source: fabulousfashions4sensiblestyle.blogspot.com

3.Use velcro to keep your remotes in place.


4.Use a pegboard to hang extra storage or utensils.

smart-storage-solutions-4Source: marthastewart.com

5.Hanging baskets under the cabinet.

smart-storage-solutions-5Tutorial: organizingmadefun.blogspot.com

6.Make Your Own Hanging Laundry Hamper

smart-storage-solutions-6Tutorial: makingniceinthemidwest.com

7.PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders

smart-storage-solutions-7Tutorial: craftingintherain.com

8.Use shower curtain rod to hang bath toiletries, poufs, kids toys, etc.

smart-storage-solutions-8Source: imgur.com

smart-storage-solutions-8-1Source: muji.net

9.Use every corner of the space

smart-storage-solutions-9Tutorial: mintlovesocialclub.com

10.These shoe bags just velcro over the rod in the closet, perfect for storing paper towel rolls.

smart-storage-solutions-10Source: sewmanyways.blogspot.com

11.His and Her Closet Organizer

smart-storage-solutions-11Source: lookiewhatidid.blogspot.ca

12.DIY Crate Book Storage

smart-storage-solutions-12Tutorial: iheartorganizing.blogspot.com

13.Use Legos as desk organizers – LEGO Key and Cable Holder.

smart-storage-solutions-13Source: dorkly.com

14.Use a wooden craft store rack to hold headbands.

smart-storage-solutions-14Tutorial: thepalettemuse.com

15.Turn a bar cart into a craft station.

smart-storage-solutions-15Source: ikea.com

16.Using leftover PVC pipe, attach to garage wall to help organize your garden tools.

smart-storage-solutions-16Source: ashbeedesign.com

17.Spice Rack Makeover

smart-storage-solutions-17Tutorial: soyouguys.com

18.Use a fruit basket as a toy caddie.

smart-storage-solutions-18Source: 8footsix.com

19.Hidden Toothbrush Organizer

smart-storage-solutions-19Source: familyhandyman.com

20.One wonder hanger make your closet feel bigger.

smart-storage-solutions-20Source: hercampus.com

21.Make a Peg Board Box

smart-storage-solutions-21Tutorial: thistlewoodfarms.com

22.Keep a hair dryer using a magazine holder.

smart-storage-solutions-22Source: sugarbeecrafts.com

23.Clamp Cord Organizers

smart-storage-solutions-23Source: familyhandyman.com

24.Line the area right underneath the ceiling with shelves.

smart-storage-solutions-24Source: thecuriousreserve.com

25.IKEA’s ribba as a ledge charging station.

smart-storage-solutions-25Source: couldawouldapica.blogspot.com

26.Cheap and Easy DIY Christmas Ornament Storage!

smart-storage-solutions-26Tutorial: craptastickatie.blogspot.com

27.Put Washer and Dryer on a Shelf

smart-storage-solutions-27Source: sweetpickinsfurniture.com

28.Use hooks to hold saran wrap and aluminum foil dispensers.

smart-storage-solutions-28Source: askannamoseley.com

29.Repurpose a Wine Rack as a Purse Organizer.

smart-storage-solutions-29Source: blog.salvagelife.com

30.Hang towels and things on the back of your door.

smart-storage-solutions-30Tutorial: instructables.com

31.DIY Book Storage

smart-storage-solutions-31Source: editorialtamarisco.com

32.Keep your shoes organized by using tension rods.

smart-storage-solutions-32Source: arielvenereal.com

33.Turns out most bottles are just the right size for bracelet storage.

smart-storage-solutions-33Source: decoratrix.com

34.Use pipe fittings to hold hair styling tools.

smart-storage-solutions-34Tutorial: nelliebellie.com

35.DIY Outdoor Firewood Storage

smart-storage-solutions-35Source: trinethorsen.com

36.Put a magnet strip under your cabinets to store spices.

smart-storage-solutions-36Source: decoreacao.wordpress.com

37.DIY Playroom Storage

smart-storage-solutions-37Source: iheartorganizing.blogspot.com

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