Transform any old cooler into a solar-powered AC unit


So winter may be in full effect for a few parts of the world, while others are still trying to just chill out. I am talking to you San Juan! This fun DIY came to us by YouTube user DesertSun02 (very appropriate name) who aims to create instruments that are solar power friendly. We here at IE can definitely get behind a cause like this, especially when an AC unit can really tear a hole in your energy bill.


Items needed for this DIY are all very simple and easy to gather, starting off with that old cooler that you have not used in YEARS. Next is just a PVC elbow tube and a small fan that can connect to a solar power source. Trace the rim of the PVC elbow on one half of the cooler and do the same with the width of the fan on the other side. Using a small power saw, cut out these holes so that they each fit snug but do not fall completely through.

Then comes the temperature source, which is really just a huge tray of solid ice. You can get ice at any corner store for about $3 but our friend here just takes a small plastic bin, and fills it with water to freeze, then places that entire block in the cooler. He shows that even after 5 hours of cooling, the block is still going strong with just maybe half of it melted back into water. Once you power the fan, you will notice very cool air start to shoot out of the PVC tube giving you your own homemade air conditioning unit.

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