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For those who finally decided to do something about their weight, this would be a very useful article. Maybe you wonder why you can’t get rid of those few kilograms even though you go on and on with your diet. Sometimes diets don’t work because you are not picking the right diet for your body type. Eating organic food is not enough if you have negative mind, if you skip your daily activity or if once you finish your diet, you go back to eating junk food all over again. Read below several tips on how to lose weight successfully.

#1. No salt

When you are at the supermarket just pass by the aisle with potato chips and snacks that contain too much salt. They do taste great, but the amount of salt they contain is no good in your battle with the kilograms. Also, too much salt is terrible for your heart and the cellulite.

No salt
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#2. Don’t skip your breakfast

Whoever told you that eating one meal a day is the best way to lose weight was wrong. Skipping breakfast is the worst thing you can do to your body, because it is the most important meal of the day, and if you have a reasonably rich breakfast (like a scrambled egg or a bowl of cereals) it would keep you full till lunch and you won’t think of food in between meals.

Don’t skip your breakfast
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#3. Working out

Physical activity is crucial, but it won’t work unless you do. You can starve yourself for days and lose some weight but you would still look the same. That’s why because you are losing body mass and the fat remains there. So hit the gym, go out running or simply start doing a few light workouts at home. Once you set your rhythm you would never want to stop working out.

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#4. Get rid of bad habits

You love your beer or cigarettes? Time to quit. Alcohol and cigarettes are only harming your health and that is not what you want. Even if you eat healthy and even if you work out, what is the point when you take your cigarette package and light one? Start slowly and once and for all quit your bad habits.

Get rid of bad habits
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#5. Don’t buy unhealthy foods

This is a hard step if you have roommates or kids who will always crave some ice creams or candies. Some people say that it is silly to force others to have the same diet as you, but it won’t harm you or the people who live with you to eat healthy snacks. So instead to shop candies, chips, ice creams, fill the fridge with fruits and veggies, dried fruits and organic dairy products.

Don’t buy unhealthy foods
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#6. Running

This is probably the most effective physical activity of all. No, this doesn’t mean that you have to go and run a marathon, but you can start running smaller routs in your neighborhood. You will notice how your body will strengthen up, you will lose some weight and you will feel more energized than ever.

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#7. Eat smaller meals

If you still feel hungry after you had your lunch, don’t get more. You gave yourself enough food. Scientist say that the brain gets the impulse that your stomach is full a bit slow in comparison to other impulses (for pain for instance). That’s why you still feel hungry. Having less food on your plate is a good start, if you don’t wish to try strict diets that forbid almost every food you like.

Eat smaller meals
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#8. You can have your dessert

If you are eating more fruits and veggies, and less junk food and red meat, your body can take a chocolate bar. Don’t worry it will not harm your diet. For extra caution, you can eat dark chocolate that is really great for your health and is recommended as a good sweet.

You can have your dessert
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#9. Forget about night snacks

We have all been there, craving food in the middle of the night. Just don’t do it. The diets can be hard but they are a test of your patience. If you feel like you can’t fall asleep if you don’t eat anything, get a glass of warm tea or a glass of milk (if you diet allows you to eat dairy products), but don’t indulge in chips, candies, sandwiches or midnight cooking of your favorite meals. Once you get used on this non-eating-after-midnight habit, you would be surprised how you don’t even think of food in that time of the night.

Forget about night snacks
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