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Depression is often used word, but most of the time people take it lightly, not realizing that people who suffer from it should be taken very seriously because this is a condition that won’t go away on its own. The following tips are simple and pretty helpful for people who are feeling down and are struggling to fight their inner demons. If you suffer from depression or if you have anyone around you that needs help, here is how you can help.

1. Sleep

For people who suffer depression, sleeping can be a problem, especially at night, but there is nothing more important than your eight hours of good sleep. Even sleeping for an hour or two in the middle of the day would help a lot. When you calm your mind, it not only removes that worry or the phase of depression from your mind for a few hours, but also gives a positive vibe to the rest of the day.


2. Appreciate little things in life

Often we forget about the little things that make life. Every person you come across is fighting battles of their own and you are not the only who may suffer from depression. But, little things like family lunch, listening to your favorite song, watching your favorite show are just those little things that are making you feel good. So, go for a walk, notice the birds’ singing, sing out loud on your favorite song, observe the sky. Look at the positive side. Be happy for the fact that life has given you so much so far and that there is so much left in it to experience.

Appreciate little things in life

3. Healthy diet

A good diet is essential to a healthy mind and that’s why good nutrition is very essential. When depressed, one’s health tends to go downhill. What you eat affects your brain, so it is important so stay healthy, and have a balanced diet that is filled with the needed vitamins, proteins, calcium and carbohydrates. Research indicates that omega-3 fatty acids, which are generally found in fish, can help fight depression with great ease.

Healthy diet

4. Go out

The human body is built to be active. It is not meant to be sitting in a chair 9 hours a day and on the couch for another 2-3 hours. That would make your body lethargic and you will feel nothing but lazy the entire time. Your body needs to do something and what can be better than going outside and getting some Vitamin D, courtesy of the sun. Our skin absorbs the sun and derives nutritional value from it.

Go out

5. Physical activity

Maybe working out is the least thing you wish to do when feel depressed, but giving your body activity would improve your entire condition. However, any kind of exercise isn’t beneficial. When done regularly, 30 minutes or more of vigorous exercise is proven to have improved people’s mood by a large scale. Use the treadmill regularly or go for that nature walk.

Physical activity

6. Change attitude

Depression affects your thoughts severely, making everything hopeless and like there is no way out. It is important to fight your own thoughts and try your best to think positive thoughts and notice the good things in life. Notice one good thing and then carry on the effort of noticing similar things.

Change attitude

7. Stop blaming yourself

This is the most simple and cheap tip to follow and the most important thing you can do when faced with that black hole called depression. The presence of guilt is something that depressed should try to fight off. It can easily get into the process of recovery and harm you more. Instead accept yourself and your life.

Stop blaming yourself

Speak out

If you feel that people aren’t listening to you or that you are not worth to listen to for some people, it’s time for you to realize that you don’t need these people. Search for the ones to whom you can express yourself. Also, don’t be afraid to seek professional help from therapist. Often, they can help you much better than your friends and family. Depression isn’t a joke, but a serious mental state that needs to be treated properly.

Speak out



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