13 April Fools’ Day Pranks Everyone Will Remember For a Long Time


If you love kidding others and wait for April Fools’ Day to do it „legally,” this article is just for you. For those who don’t like pranks: read this to learn what you’d better avoid this day.

Bright Side found for you 13 rather harmless, yet funny, jokes which you can play at home, among friends, or even at work.

Caramel shower

For this prank, you’ll need caramel candies without filling. While your „victim” is still sleeping, unscrew the shower head, put a candy in it, and carefully put it back. But, please, don’t do it if you know the person is allergic.

Apples with a surprise

It’s hard to tell onions from apples at first sight, especially if they’re covered with caramel. This is why you’d better avoid caramel apples on April Fools’ Day. Yet if you want to make them yourself, you’re welcome.

Aquarium in the desk

Has your colleague been dreaming of an aquarium? Make their dream come true: wrap a desk drawer with waterproof film, throw some stones inside, add water, and add a toy or even a real fish…as long as you’re ready to take care of them later.

„Explosive cake”

No explosive materials. For this cake, you’ll need an empty cereal box, a balloon, adhesive tape, and a generous portion of whipped or another cream. Make a cake out of these ingredients, and ask your „victim” to cut it.

Mayo doughnuts

If your roommates like stealing your food, April Fools’ is the perfect day to break them of this habit. Buy a box of mouthwatering donuts without filling and a jar of mayonnaise, and then use a confectionery bag to fill them.

A can that won’t open

Treat your friend with a can of cola or other soda, having turned the pull tab in advance so that the can won’t open. An attentive person will quickly guess what’s wrong, but it’s still funny, isn’t it?

Fake stash

Cut off the corner of a banknote (you can use fake money from a game set instead of spoiling real ones), attach a funny picture or note to it, put it in a book, and leave in plain view. Someone will be disappointed!

Fake spider

Most of us are afraid of these creatures, so toilet paper with a realistically painted spider will surely make those who use it scream.

Nightmare on the ceiling

A suspended ceiling in the office is a great chance to scare your colleagues. Replace one of the ceiling tiles with a scary picture from The Ring or The Grudge, and wait until your „victims” scream…or beat you.

Voice-controlled toaster

How it works: stick a “voice-controlled“ note to the office toaster or coffee machine, and spend a nice morning watching people screaming at this ”naughty” technology.

A living printer

If your neighbor has an unprotected wireless printer, send a note to print that looks as if the printer itself wrote it. They’ll be surprised!

A chair for the busiest person ever

If you have a spare toilet bowl and a colleague who constantly complains about the lack of a spare second at work, this prank is just for you. Don’t forget such details as toilet paper, air freshener, and a toilet brush.

A toilet bowl that cannot be used

Finally, one of the classic “toilet jokes“ you can try at your own risk. To do this, you’ll need clear food film and, of course, a toilet bowl. Raise the seat, wrap the toilet with the film, return the seat to the initial position, wait for the most inattentive ”victim,” and be ready to clean the mess a little bit later.

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Based on materials from Bored Badger/ youtube

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