20 Kitchen Charts That’ll Bring Out Your Inner Chef


Anyone who regularly cooks, bakes or even microwaves their meals needs these handy cheat sheets. They seriously take the guess work out of so many different tasks–from measuring to chopping to organizing and even cleaning.

Take a look for yourself and learn how to become more like a chef in seconds!

1. Volume Conversions Cheat Sheet

Because you don’t want to waste time measuring out 12 teaspoons to get a 1/4 cup.

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2. Mass and Volume Equivalents Cheat Sheet

Because this is just something I’ll never remember.
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3. Vegetable Cooking Cheat Sheet

Because sometimes it’s not obvious.

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4. Cooking Methods Cheat Sheet

Because there’s a very real difference between pan-frying and deep-frying.

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5. Eggs In Baking Cheat Sheet

Because you wouldn’t want to risk ruining your whole dessert, would you?
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6. Proper Way To Organize The Refrigerator And Freezer Cheat Sheet

Because it makes a difference.
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7. Where To Store Different Produce Cheat Sheet

Because you’ve probably been doing it wrong. I was!

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8. Types Of Cuts For Veggies Cheat Sheet

Because you can sound fancy when say, „Would you like some bruroise potatoes?”

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9. Egg Substitutions In Baking Cheat Sheet

Because these are tried and true fantastic!

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10.  Spice Everything Properly Cheat Sheet

Because it’s both an art and a science.
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11. Meat Temperature Cheat Sheet (Fahrenheit)

Because you don’t want to get sick.

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12. Blending Basics Cheat Sheet

Because your smoothies (and blender!) deserve it.
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13. Mixing Methods Cheat Sheet

Because it honestly makes a real difference.

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14. Best Apples To Use In Baking Cheat Sheet

Because you can’t make a classic American pie any other way.
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15. Dinner Party Table Setting Cheat Sheet

Because when do you ever have to put out three glasses otherwise?

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16. Freezer Storage Time Cheat Sheet

Because freezer-burned food is just awful.

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17. Cut A Recipe In Half Cheat Sheet

Because looking at this is easier than learning all the conversions.

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18. Flour Conversion Chart

Because it’s fun to mix it up!
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19. Balanced Fresh-Pressed Juice Cheat Sheet

Because you want to want to drink it after juicing it.
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20. Kitchen Cleaning Cheat Chart

Because this organizes your cleaning time by prioritizing tasks.

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