World’s best makeup tutorial for women – You must give it a try


You ever wondered how your favorite actress always seems to look her best no matter what role she plays or her age. Well today we are going to reveal some of the top tips that only till today Hollywood’s elite had access to. With the warmer months right around the corner many women will be looking to change their wardrobe around why not give your make up and overall facial features a lift too? Start looking as good as your favorite star. Today we are going to reveal secrets from the top Hollywood Makeup artists, skin care experts and gurus. Check it out and start looking your best today.

1. Always keep your summer make up minimal

Ladies less is best especially with those warm dog days of summer just down the road. Why have your face smearing and looking like you painted your face? Just a little dab will do you does wonders on those god awful blazing days. Another thing you might want to try is not rushing right out the door once you put your make up on. Give it a chance to dry and do it up with a little bit of powder and start shining like a star.

Always keep your summer make up minimal

2. Make your Make Up Smudge Proof

If you would like to make your make up smudge proof take a little piece of tissue to remove any oil or extra make up that may be surrounding the eye area. Also another tip some of our experts say works really well is applying a lit bit of concealer to hold everything in its spot. Go about your business and enjoy your day.

Make your Make Up Smudge Proof

3. Purchase Eyeliners that Have Stay Proof Wear ability

Every woman has had that dreaded experience of her eyeliner running and smearing down her face. How embarrassing right? Our experts say purchase eyeliner that offers proof of stay proof wear ability and never have an embarrassing streak again. Do like the pros do and you will look like a million bucks.

Purchase Eyeliners that Have Stay Proof Wear ability

4. Blush

To get the right amount of blush on your face it is suggested you measure two fingers from your nose so you don’t overdo it.


5. Hydrate Your Skin

Makeup artist Jessie Powers suggests that you always hydrate your skin and put on primer to keep your skin looking its best. This will prevent your skin from getting dried out or looking tired. Have that special date you have been thinking about all week. Hydrate and prime your skin and knock the socks off them.

Hydrate Your Skin

6. Balance Your Shimmer

If you are trying to give yourself a shimmery eye look Raychel Wade founder of Cheek to Chic recommends to try using a matte lipstick. Want to look extra classy and professional for that job interview try Raychel Wade’s tips and slam dunk that interview. Remember first impressions are very important.

Balance Your Shimmer

7. Use White Eyeliner

You hate that red eye look? Our experts suggest using white eyeliner to reduce that red look around your eyes. Now you have the secret to how some of these stars can go back to back and perform for so long and still look they have slept a full night. Try it out and see how gorgeous you will look.

Use White Eyeliner

8. Add Shimmery Gloss

Are you looking for that extra sparkle on your lips? Our makeup experts suggest adding a little shimmery gloss to your lips both the top and bottom and you will definitely start looking like a rock star.

Add Shimmery Gloss

9. Use Bronzer to add life to your Cheekbones

Ladies are you looking to make your cheek bones look higher try adding bronzer underneath your cheekbones and highlighter on your actual cheekbone and you will look just stunning.

Use Bronzer to add life to your Cheekbones

10. Keep your Mascara from becoming Flaky

One of the top reasons most women find they have flaky mascara is that it is either too old or dry. To avoid this our experts suggest closing your mascara each time after you use it to keep it nice and fresh. Another tip our beauty experts say works is adding 2 to 3 drops of saline solution into the mascara tube and swirl it around.

Keep your Mascara from becoming Flaky